Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Get Organized

Get your business organized with help from InfusionSoft and their cloud-based CRM.  InfusionSoft allows you to keep track of your clients and prospects contact information, purchase history and policy info, lead source, task or appointment history, website traffic and so much more.

List Management & Segmentation

Use the information you know about your contacts to send targeted communications that convert. Create lists based on demographics, lead score, and behaviors like email clicks, purchases, and payment history.

 Calendar & Task Management

Organize, prioritize, and work through your sales activities in one place. Manage your appointments, create to-do lists, set reminders for tasks and streamline your workday. Easily tie contact information and notes to each appointment and trigger automatic follow-up after completing a task

lead_2Lead Scoring

Spend more time with hot leads that are ready to become customers.  Infusionsoft will automatically score leads based on demographics and the actions they take.

Email Integration

Get more work done without leaving your email. The Infusionsoft sidebar for Gmail and Outlook gives you immediate access to contact information, tags and appointment history, and even lets you add notes and trigger follow-up activity.

infusionsoft-mobile-v3Infusionsoft Mobile. Get it to go.

Take your business wherever life needs you with Infusionsoft Mobile. Manage contacts and automate marketing from anywhere. Access and edit contact information, add tags to trigger automated follow-up and campaigns, and communicate with customers, all while on the go.

Data Management

Easily import contacts and data into Infusionsoft with wizards that transfer directly from Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, 1ShoppingCart, or a CSV file. Infusionsoft cleans up your list and eliminates duplicates based on email address.