One of the big benefits of implementing InfusionSoft and the Automate My Appointments program in your business is the integration capabilities it offers. AMA helps you connect your website and social media profiles to your CRM. Why is this beneficial? By connecting your social media profiles and website to your CRM it allows the two to communicate together saving you time and money.

social-mediaSocial Media Integration

It also opens the door for you to easily nurture the leads you generate through social media and your website. When you receive a new page like, are you welcoming them in and nurturing that relationship? Most professionals don’t have the time or staff to constantly monitor their social media activity or respond in real-time. The AMA program can help you do just that. Having prebuilt social media automation campaigns allows you to easily engage new likes or followers with marketing automation and drive them to take action.

Here’s an example of how it works: You receive a new page like on Facebook. The AMA program then automatically sends them a thank you email that also offers more ways for your prospect to connect with you, asks them to sign up for your newsletter, and offers up a guide or white paper on your area of expertise. If the prospect takes action and downloads your white paper, they get additional message pertaining to the content they received and further nurtures that relationship.

Website Integration

website-photoConnecting your website to your InfusionSoft CRM and the AMA program is easy! There are numerous reasons for connecting your website to your CRM. One benefit is it allows you to better profile your prospects by tracking their interests. It also can reduce the chance of errors by feeding the prospects info right into your CRM instead of manually adding them. It also allows you to quickly and easily nurture prospects you generate from your website.

Here’s an example of how it works:  On your website you have a banner that offers visitors a free white paper or educational guide on “Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits.”  To get the guide, the visitor has to fill out an online form which allows you to capture the lead. Since your website is connected to your CRM, the visitor is automatically added as a prospect to your database. AMA then automatically starts marketing to the prospect to drive them to take action.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of integration.

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