Marketing Automation

One of the biggest features of the AMA program, is leveraging Marketing Automation with your prospects and clients.  What is Marketing Automation?  Simply put, marketing automation allows you to easily and consistently engage your prospects and clients through prebuilt campaigns that drive them to take action.

dozens-of-leads-b2b-cold-emailIf you’re holding workshops or seminars, are you nurturing every prospect who registers? Even those who don’t attend the workshop or those who do attend but don’t book an appointment? If you’re like most financial professionals, the answer is no. Now this isn’t intentional. It isn’t because you don’t see the value in nurturing those leads, it’s because you’re busy working the appointments you did book.  That’s where Automate My Appointments comes in.

Marketing Automation helps you maintain your client relationships that you’ve worked so hard to build, and at the same time, It keeps your long-term prospects warm until they’re ready to buy. Implementing a system like this isn’t easy though, and can get overwhelming.  That’s where we come in.

Here’s an example of how it works: A financial professional holds an educational workshop at a local college and has 25 prospects attend.  At the end of the workshop all of the attendees are offered a complimentary review or consultation. 15 of the 25 attendees book an appointment at the event.  Marketing Automation now takes over and starts dripping educational messages through email and direct mail to the 10 attendees that didn’t book an appointment, encouraging them to take action. Allowing the advisor to concentrate on the 15 that did book, without “forgetting” about the remaining attendees. 

When you subscribe to the AMA program, we take care of everything from importing your list of clients and prospects, to customizing your CRM so it stores the data you need, to building and branding automated marketing campaigns. Some of the campaigns included in your subscription are:cloud-made-of-gears

  • Traditional Workshop Campaigns
  • College Classes Campaigns
  • Social Security Classes Campaigns
  • Appointment/Consultation Campaigns
  • Annual Financial Review Campaign
  • Quarterly Review Campaign
  • Birthday Campaigns
  • Holiday Campaigns
  • General Nurture Campaigns
  • RMD Campaigns
  • Medicare Campaigns
  • Social Media Welcome Tracks
  • And more!

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