Streamline Your Office

greenpenStreamlining your business is easy using marketing automation and the Automate My Appointments program. Through marketing automation we can help you reduce the amount of time your office spends on important tasks like appointment and consultation reminders, quarterly financial reviews, annual reviews, and more. When you have a new client, do you have a welcome process that educates them on your business, process and what to expect? We can help automate fulfillment of your corporate materials and e-materials, staff reminders and follow ups and direct communications right to your client.

Here’s an example of how it works: Most financial professionals will have some sort of process for consultation or appointment reminders. This helps lift your appointment attendance rates and also educates the prospect on what to expect and what to bring with them. There’s a lot of little steps to this process that add up.  By the time your assistant has typed up the reminder email and letter, setup call reminders, and provide directions to your office, they could be spending too much time on this repetitive manual process.  AMA helps you streamline this process by automating the entire work flow. Using our AMA reminder campaign, your assistant enters the date and time of the upcoming appointment and clicks GO.  AMA takes it from there and automatically sends out the reminder email, letter, sets call reminders for your assistant exactly 24 hours prior to the appointment, and provides turn by turn directions to your office using Google® Maps.

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Reinforce your brand, create a consistent work flow for your office, and most importantly, leverage the power of automation saving you time and money. If you have any questions or if you’re ready to put the power of marketing automation to work for your business, contact us today or complete the form below!